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United Seafarers' Mission

Tauranga Seafarers' Centre

Port of Tauranga, New Zealand

Photos of the Mission and the Port of Tauranga

The United Seafarers' Mission premises, lower floor of Oceania House United Seafarers' Mission Building, Tauranga
Mercedes Sprinter 12-seat Mini-Bus The United Seafarers' Mission Mercedes-Benz 12-seat mini-bus
Port Security Shuttle outside the Mission, delivering seafarers to the Mission Security Shuttle outside United Seafarers' Mission
Port action A view of the Port of Tauranga from outside the Mission, showing large quantities of export logs, along with a ship taking logs aboard
Some seafarers in one of the computer rooms. Seafarers relaxing
TV Lounge Several seafarers relaxing in the TV Lounge.
This lounge is equipped with Sky Satellite TV.
Some seafarers in another computer room. Seafarers relaxing
Mission Shop The Mission's shop.
This supplies basic needs, along with a few luxuries and souvenirs, to visiting seafarers.
Some seafarers enjoying a hot drink and the free internet.
Seafarers with a hot drink
Mission Chapel The Mission's delightful, quiet Chapel.
An example of precision forklift-operating behind the mission. Forklift

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